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There is nothing more beautiful than galloping across a meadow on horseback, feeling the wind in your face and smelling the scent of the surrounding forests. We love this feeling and want our guests to experience it too. That’s why you can either learn to ride with us at the Ilsenhof on holiday or take riding lessons on a regular basis.


Learn to ride at the ilsenhof

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced rider, young or old, in our riding stable we have the right offer for all levels.

Riding on the lunge

For beginners who have not yet sat on a horse often or not at all, we recommend a riding lesson on the lunge. This is a long leash on which the horse runs in a circle within reach of the riding instructor. This way she always has control over the horse and the student can get used to the horse’s movements. Simple exercises in the saddle train the balance and help to get used to the gaits of the horse. After only a few units you will be able to trot, gallop and master the right aids to ride a horse.


1 unit of 30 minutes € 23,-

Lessons on our riding ground

For more experienced riders we offer riding lessons in groups on our riding ground. In this lesson the students learn not only how to clean and saddle the horses properly but also how to ride freely in the department. Our certified riding instructor keeps a watchful eye on all riders the whole time and gives them instructions on what to do. This way they learn how to ride freely and improve their posture and handling of the horse.

1 unit of 60 min. € 23,-

Ride in the nature

The professionals among the riders will go on an exploration tour of the surrounding area with our riding instructor. On a guided ride you will experience the wonderful landscape around Lake Turnersee from a special perspective. Our riding instructor will accompany you to unique places where you have definitely never been before. This experience is guaranteed to make your holiday an unforgettable experience!


1 unit of 90 minutes € 35,-

Single lesson

For particularly ambitious riders we also offer individual dressage training in the arena. Our riding instructor concentrates only on you in this lesson and helps you to improve your riding style.


1 unit of 30 Min.     € 25,-

Riding equipment: For a pleasant riding lesson please wear long trousers (jeans, leggings, jogging pants or riding breeches) and sturdy shoes (sneakers, rubber boots or riding boots). Riding helmets are provided by us.


For children from three to six years there is our Ponyclub.